Weather in London

I always have a trouble choosing what to wear in the summer in London. It gets really cold in the evening even if it gets quite hot during the daytime. If you only have summer clothes in your suitcase you might have to buy some warm clothes in London. I recommend you to bring something you can wear on top in the evening.

It is always cloudy in London?

A lot of people imagine some cloudy skies when they hear about London. Yes, it's true that you'll have a lot of cloudy days in London, and some Londoner's feel down because of that.

Folding umbrella is a must have!

You'll often experience some light showers in London, but a lot of Londoners don't use umbrellas in such light rain. So there aren't that many varieties of folding umbrellas in London. Unlike Japan it's not so common that you find an umbrella at newsagents or small shops on the street, so you'll have to find somewhere to shelter until the rain stops if you don't have an umbrella. If you go to Uniqlo in London you'll find Japanese folding umbrellas there.

Summer in London is cold

It can get quite hot during the daytime in the summer in London, but it gets really cold in the early morning and evening. I was really surprised when I saw a person who was wearing a leather jacket in the summer in London. You never see something like that in the summer in Japan, right? So please don't forget that the temperature really goes down in the morning and evening in London. A light jacket or cardigan could be really useful while you stay in London.

General climate of London

Spring (March - May)
The average temperature is 8 - 10 degrees. We have some warm days in March in Japan, but it's still really cold in London. You definitely need a coat- it even snows in early March sometimes!

Summer (June - August)
The average temperature is about 17 degrees, and it sometimes goes up to 25 degrees in August. Even if it's warm during the daytime it becomes cold in the evening and early morning so don't forget to bring a jacket!

Autumn (September - November)
The average temperature is below 10 degrees. A lot of people wear a jacket or thin coat in September. We still have some warm days in October in Japan, but it gets colder and colder in London and you'll need a warm coat around the end of October.

Winter (December - early Mach
The average temperature is about 3 degrees, but sometimes it snows a lot so you never know. But every house has a central heating in England so it's always warm inside buildings. Down jacket is recommended for ease of movement.