Travel smoothly with Oyster Card
Oyster Card

You just need to touch your Oyster Card against the reader at the gate just like Japanese Suica and Pasmo.

The starting fare for the tube in London is very expensive, but if you have an Oyster Card you get a better deal. Visitor Oyster Card doesn't have an expiry date so you don't have to buy again on your next trip, and it doesn't have a card holder's name on it so you can lend it to your friend if you like. You can use an Oyster Card for both tubes and buses.

Buying an Oyster Card
You can purchase an Oyster Card at travel agencies, tickets machines at airports or bus stations, and even on the Eurostar. You can also purchase it online before you leave Japan, and you can charge it as many times as you like while you are in London.
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You can charge your Oyster Card by a ticket machine at train stations or at Oyster Ticket Stops or ticket counters at train stations. There's an initial 3 pounds deposit, with a minimum top up of 5 pounds- I suggest you to top up by 10 pounds for the first time if you are not sure how much you are going to spend because they won't pay you back once the money is charged to your Oyster Card.

By the way, tubes in London are really simple and easy to take, and transferring trains is easy as well. Unlike super busy chaotic train stations in Tokyo, most of the tube stations in London are not so busy and not so large either.

Charging your Oyster Card
The video below shows you how to charge (top up) your Oyster Card. First, touch your Oyster Card against the yellow reader, and the machine will show you how much you have on your Oyster Card. Then you touch "Top up pay as you go" to charge some money. As you can see in the video, there will be 5 pounds, 10 pounds etc. on the screen so you can choose the amount you like to top up. If you want to charge certain amount of money then you touch "any amount" on the screen.

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