Useful information for your long flight

It takes 12 hours from Tokyo to London, and I used to struggle spending such a long time on the plane. I've tried all kinds of things to make a long flight easier, and I hope you'll find them useful as well.

"Medi Qtto"- Flight Tights
A lot of people suffer from the swelling legs and feet on the plane. My body swells quite easily, so I used to suffer a lot from the horrible swelling in my legs and feet. Massage didn't work at all and it used to be so painful!

Then I heard that "Medi Qtto" , especially the tights version which go up to your waist, work really well for the swelling. Of course I bought them straight away and tried them on during the next flight, and wow! They really do work! My swelling problem finally got solved.

Note: If you feel that the socks/tights are too tight on you, you should remove them otherwise you may start to feel sick!
"Medi Qtto"- Flight Socks
These are also Medi Qtto, but these are the socks version which got up to above your knees. These socks type are easy to remove when you feel that they are too tight, and you can wear them when you are not on the plane of course! They don't get stretched or loose easily even after washing them so many times! メディキュットの膝下タイプ
2-way Inflatable Footrest

There is not much space especially in economy class, and often there isn't a footrest on your seat. I bought them because I really wanted to stretch my legs during the long flight. I bought them at Tokyu Hands so it cost almost double. It is inflatable so it won't take much space in your luggage. After inflating it you just need to hang it to the table in front of you. The string is adjustable and I prefer to keep it short to keep my legs high. Or you can place it directly onto the floor without hanging it so you can stretch your legs all the way.

Inflatable Neck Pillow

Some of you might hesitate to recline your seat worrying that it would bother the person behind you. If you have a neck pillow you can sleep well whether or not you recline your seat. It supports your neck so it would help you sleep well in the upright position. You may find a neck pillow at some 100 yen shops, but the air escapes easily so I recommend you to buy one with some quality.

Foldable Slippers

One of the ways to relax on the plane is to take off your shoes, but it's such a hassle to put them back on again each time you leave your seat. Slippers can be really handy on the plane, and some B&Bs don't provide slippers so they can be useful even after arriving in Lodon.

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Earplugs especially designed for flights
Silencia Flight

It's really noisy on the plane because of the engine and the change of the pressure, and it often hurts your eardrums. Silencia Flight earplugs are designed especially for flights, and they have some really good user reviews. I highly recommend earplugs for your next flight!


Mask helps you in dry air on the plane!

It's really dry on the plane probably more than you are expecting. I recommend a mask to prevent a dry throat. It doesn't look so nice, but I often see some people wearing a mask on the plane. Don't worry about how you look, protecting your throat is more important!

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Suitcase belt which stands out!

Current suitcase belt with a TSA lock has a dial lock. The problem with that is you won't be able to unlock it anymore if you forget your combination lock number! Whereas this belt doesn't require a combination number so I highly recommend this belt for those who don't really like a dial lock. This belt also has colour variation of bright colours, so you'll be able to find your suitcase easily!

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